candy cane

Lollipop Candy Cane is one of the most popular candy during the Christmas holidays, and for many children and adults, it is not Christmas without Candy Candy.

Swirly lollipops

Retro stick lollipops handmade by traditional recipe and method. The multiple shapes, sizes and flavors of fantasy retro lollipops amuse children across the EU. and adults are reminded of carefree days

Fantastic lollipops - multicolor

Lollipops in the form of heart, flower or circle, various sizes and color combinations are available through our partners and distributors in most EU countries and other countries in Europe and the region.

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Silk candies produced in the fantasie plant are unique with basic and traditional recipes, but modern combinations of countless colors and flavors that satisfy the tastes of previous and present generations. excellence, quality and creativity adorn this product.


It used to be offered only at events and ceremonies, and is now available in almost every store.

Production of fantasy lollipops

The traditional way of production, the use of natural colors and ingredients, hygiene and product control are the guidelines that guide us in manufacturing now and in some new products.

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Whether it be promoting a company, product, recording an advertisement or video, team building or any other event, our promo lollipops, popcorn, colored wool or something else in our range will help introduce you and entertain your guests and customers .

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Promotional lollipops and candy cane

We are making custom made lollipops and bonbons in the colors of your company, your event or just as a sweet promotional product, per your wish. Some of our products you can see down below.


Fantasy team

In production and in administration and other segments of the company, we pay special attention to respecting deadlines and consistency with clients. The coordination of our team allows us extraordinary flexibility and market presence.

The media about us

We are often an inspiration to journalists, whether it is a small successful company with a large share of the market or a family business.

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The lollipops are said to have originated in the Stone Age when the planet's then inhabitants discovered honey and began to brush the hives of wild bees. They would dip a wooden tap in honey and lick it, and then they would nuts or similar fruits on a stick to make it easier to dip in honey and eat. The first lollipop is thought to have originated. Ancient Egyptians, Arabs, and Chinese made sweets of fruit, hazelnuts, and honey 3,500 years ago. The Egyptians actually celebrated their gods by eating and sacrificing sweets. The candies arrived in Europe only in the Middle Ages, but due to the small amount of expensive sugar, sweets were only available to the rich. The final candy - hardened cooked sugar - became part of everyday life in the 17th century.

We know that Christmas lollipops were first mentioned in connection with Christmas in 1874, and the first mention of the decoration of pine trees was in 1882. So, although they have long been associated with Christmas, it is unclear whether there is any real connection with the Christian religion. Lollipop umbrellas have gained wide popularity thanks to confectioner Bob McCormack, who began making them in 1919 and became one of the world's leading manufacturers of candy canes by the 1950s. Before automation, hot lollipops had to be bent manually, and more than 20 percent of all lollipops were scraped during production. The first lollipop umbrellas were simply white sticks. The first published recipe for lollipops umbrellaarrived in 1844 red stripes were there, but there was no curve. 

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Candy cane and lollipops making

The production of lollipops is based on manual labor, we do not use harmful chemicals to whiten the sugar mass, but use a draw method that gives the lollipops a traditional texture, we use natural colors to color the patterns. The workmanship, hygiene, and skills of the staff ensure that Fantasia lollipops are your best choice. Fantasia lollipops are manufactured in an air conditioned facility and special attention is paid to the quality and control of the product.

Far from the city bustle, surrounded by the forest and the murmur of the stream, just like in a fairy tale, there is a small factory of the sweetest lollipops. The Blazenic family reigns in it. Currently, 17 types of lollipops and candies of all shapes and sizes. All are convenient, some are more summery, some are Easter, some are Christmas…

Lollipops and candy cane manufacture